Your support

Surely, my Master Jesus Christ guarantees you will not miss the Disciples’ reward when you support His Disciple (Matthew 10:42) in making more disciples for Him in every nation as commanded in what I called The Lord’s Final Command (Matthew 28:19-20 KJV). You can support in cash or kind.

Any one who loves the Lord can support this worthy course of the Gospel. Distance should not be a barrier.

Your donations are solely to improve the reach and effectiveness of the mission of Making Disciples for the Lord everywhere in the world.

Specifically, your support is judiciously used to;

  • improve transportation (I often preach and pray for people 4-6 times a day) at different locations
  • I preach in secondary schools, universities, churches, fellowships, on buses, harbour, train terminals, bus stations, markets etc.
  • execute national and international disciples making programs through this blog for example,
  • communication,
  • provide Bibles,
  • Tracts
  • Establish educational scholarships and maintenance support for deprived children, orphans, destitutes, the sick, widows and widowers as well as those who suffer rejection from their families because they follow Christ whilst their families don’t.  The Lord has instructed me specifically to take care these caliber of people
  • general maintenance of Making Disciples for Christ Mission.

Donations from Ghana/West Africa may come through any of these;

20ghc, 50ghc, 100ghc, 150ghc, 200ghc, 500ghc, 1,000ghc, 2,000ghc, 5,000ghc, 10,000 ghc etc.

  1. MTN Money Transfer +(233) 0550 761 706
  2. Vodafone (Cash) Money Transfer +(233) 050 538 4350
  3. Ecobank Ghana Account: Account name: Albert E. Dogbe

Account number: 007 301 44 39 599 xxx


For international (USD, EURO, POUNDS, CFA FRANCS, RANDS ETC) use

20$, 50$,100$,150$,200$,500$,1000$, 2,000$, 5,000$, 10,000$ ETC.

   a. Western Union  (to Albert Etornam Dogbe)

    bEcobank Ghana Account:

Account name: Albert Etornam Dogbe

Current Account number: 007 301 44 39 599 xxx

In case of any challenge in using any of these mediums, please contact us.


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