Today’s quote from the book to be launched “21 Powerful Secrets of Faith”

Faith which worketh by love (Galatians 5:6 KJV), love for God and people. So any walk of faith without love contradicts and deflates your faith, rendering it unproductive and barren. Join me meditate on this.


Launch details are as follow;

 Date: ………… …Sunday, 27TH November 2016

Venue: …………..Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon, Accra.

Time: …………….4pm

Book Reviewers:

  1. Caroline Boateng (Ms), Graphic Communications Group and

2. Nana Akua Agyemang-Badu (Ms), an international book editor and   President,  Fluent English Training and Publishing Ltd.

MC:……………  Nana Kofi Arthur (MC Extra-ordinaire)

Special Guest of Honour: Hon. MP for Ledzokuku and Deputy Minister for Fisheries Sena Benita Okity-Duah (Mrs.)


#21 powerful secrets of faith

21-powerful-secrets-of-faith-final-designDear friends,

I appreciate your patience, enthusiasm and support for this book  now”21 Powerful Secrets of Faith”

To improve upon the look and packaging and even what is inside the book, you would realize a few changes to the cover and title of the book. This is in a bid o satisfy the needs of the global market on the 5 continents.

Watch out for the details of the launch which is coming up in a few weeks. I value your support in whatever form towards the launch.

I welcome your feedbacks as well.

I pray God’s peace and blessings upon you all amen.

Can I get this book on-line? I live in far away China.

New book cover design.png

Thanks a ton to all of you who have been interacting with me regarding the upcoming book launch. I value your feedbacks and comments.

Today, I share with you an email conversion that took place between me and a retired American preacher now living and working in China, regarding how he could also get hold of this book to read and be blessed. Please note that name withheld but nationality and his present place of abode is revealed.

Comment: What is the cost of this new book on faith and will it be available as an ebook? I am retired and living and working in China, and an ebook is the best way for me.

Author’s reply: Thanks Dr xxxxxxx. I am grateful for your interest in my book which I know will bless you. I am working on the online version. When I am through, I will alert you.
Stay blessed.

With this ongoing project to make the book globally available to everyone in this small global village, be assured that you too can access the book, read it and be blessed. Do not miss it.

Do not hesitate to send me your comments, questions, suggestions and even ways you want to support this launch. God bless you today and beyond.

How exactly can I support this book launch?



Blessings to you all.

Since you saw and read a few paragraphs about my book, uncounted numbers of you have actually contacted me, from 3 continents so far and still counting, asking for the price of my book.

I marvel at your readiness and high appetite for this book. I am very grateful to you all. Interestingly, most of you expressing this level of readiness and appettite for the book have read only the reasons why I chose to write on the subject of faith when there are several books on faith already.

In addition, a number of you gave me the feedback that you could not wait to grab a copy to read. Great! But I always tell you, no, you have to wait and get a copy at the launch or after the launch. The reason is this, waiting and being patient is one of the secrets of faith documented and shared in this book so I encourage you to embrace these secrets of waiting and patience in your walk with God.

As if that was not enough, many of you called or whatsapped, or emailed me asking how you could help me launch my book!. I am very grateful to you all.

Now let me document (possibly) all the ways by which you (reading now) can help me launch this book successfully.

  1. Be personally present among my Special Guests at the launch
  2. Spread the news of this book to all your facebook and whatsapp contacts.
  3. At the launch, support generously
  4. Get a copy
  5. Get a copy as a gift to a friend, your pastor and or relations
  6. You can also help sell the book right where you are.

Amazingly, many of you friends, acquitances from far and near have called and some have actually offered me various  support for a succcessful launch; ranging from media, event planning, venue, financial, etc. May God’s blessings overflow in your lives.

As you also purpose in your heart to utilize any of these 6 ways of contributing to a successful launch, I pray that my God credit blessings to your account instantly, and when you actually actualize this thinking in your heart into a reality, may you be blessed significantly; your spouse and children’s children’s children inclusive! Amen.

So choose and plan how you want to contribute to a succesful launch of the book, “21 Powerful Secrets of Faith”.

Watch out for more details about the launch coming up soon!

Be blessed significantly as you prepare your support.