What ‘stubborn faith’ can do for you too


When I left all like the early disciples and followed the Lord (Mark 10:38), He told me He had imparted to me the gift of faith and in His own words described it as stubborn faith. He said the opposition was going to be tough and this was what would keep me going. So in my mind I used to ask myself what stubborn faith meant. But I used to give myself this simple answer that stubborn faith meant stubborn faith.

But when I eventually googled the word stubborn, what I found was; adjective; 1. having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good reasons to do so.2. difficult to move, remove, or cure. And I also found the following synonyms; indelible, permanent, lingering, persistent, tenacious, fast, resistant. Many are familiar with the phrase “stubborn stains”. They are very difficult to clean and remove. They are tough.I also checked for the adjective dogged at yourdictionary.com and this is what I found; the definition of dogged is stubborn, persistent and not giving up easily.

So stubborn faith is a level of faith in God that is difficult, if not impossible to change and remove by common sense explanation and challenges; it is indelible, permanent, lingering, persistent, tenacious, fast, and resistant. It is a faith impossible to overcome by odds.

Can you imagine what this level of faith in God can do for you? So why will my Master Jesus give me this kind of faith? And for what? To enable me achieve His purpose for my generation. I said wow is this what the Lord has given to me? How did I qualify for this? And the Lord said this was what He made me for and He made the decision before I entered my mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1:5). So am I so special? Yes. And everyone is special to God; you are not a duplicate of anyone. You are special to God to achieve a certain purpose in your family, community, nation and the world at large. No one is here by mistake.


So it is a faith without which odds, people’s opinions, afflictions, hardships, rejections, deprivations, deliberate wickedness against me, and deliberate connivance to deny me even what is legally mine, all targeted at frustrating my discipleship of the Lord in pursuit of my life assignment would have stopped me long ago. I saw outright condemnations that my calling was untenable, was unreasonable and devoid of common sense etc. Some friends and close relatively claimed they knew the Bible more than me and they knew better how God should call people and assign them work. Further some presented me with a list of reasons why I am not qualified for this special attention and assignment by the Lord.  Some pointed to me great men and women of God at work in Ghana and asked me who would listen to me.

But I have learned by experience that God does not call anyone by mistake. So when men disqualify you based on your academic qualifications they are wasting their efforts because it is a work of grace. You are called and ordained before you were born and you are given a message. It is no competition at all. One day the Lord asked me to go and preach in a particular secondary school and when I did, one of the chaplains from that school was moved and went to arrange other preaching appointments for me in another school. But amazingly, that particular chaplain missed out on my preaching and only heard eye witnesses reports from his colleague teachers and students. What a favour!

So I was subjected to emotional, physical and relational violence. In fact these are issues that would no doubt, stop the average Christian workman from pursuing his divine calling. I once met a young man with a great calling at one of our team preachings who has been going back and forth whether to fully give his all to the Lord or not. He once gave all his time and skills and efforts to the Lord and took it back because of financial hardships. Lord Jesus I pray that you rescue this young man by sending him special help so he can stand for you so he does not miss your purpose for his life.

Have you thought about what challenges the early disciples faced with families and friends when they left all and followed the Lord? Do you think they had a better treatment from friends and family than I? I suspect Simon Peter was called lazy and advised to go back to his fishing work, and Levi (Matthew) asked to go back to his customs employment. I have experienced the reality of all these.

But in the face of all these afflictions, thanks be to God the Father, and His Son and the Holy Ghost for the gift of stubborn faith in particular and the other special graces lavished on me. Oh God is good and His goodness is real to me personally. I still preach the word of my Master with joy and with power. I preach everywhere and anywhere He sends me; markets, Tema harbour, fishing harbour, train terminals, secondary schools, prison and on buses. After handing over my functional vehicle which I was used to for almost then years, I now walk and preach long distances and sometimes my feet rebel against my preaching schedules and appointments and threaten to carry me there. And I often plead with them to be as stubborn as my heart, mind, and soul and they are cooperating well.

Some loved ones told me the change in my social status was an embarrassment to them and they would rather keep away from me not wanting to be identified with the ‘embarrassment’ and I say ok. Indeed faith works by love (Galatians 5:6), my love for the Lord helps my faith to endure every hardship I suffer because of Him. If you claim to have faith in God without loving God deeply, that faith is not from the heart it is mental faith  and is easily washed away when storms come. I shall ultimately preach to great congregations in stadia even in different countries in Jesus name.

But I must also say that leaving it all to disciple and please the Lord means a big sacrifice of my family’s comfort and convenience which they are used to and rightly deserve. It also means my family is also paying a huge price. I have learnt from personal experience that to move from the ordinary to extraordinary is a huge cost. And if you hold on to the ordinary because you want to maintain comfort and convenience, you will miss out on the extraordinary which is God’s ultimate purpose for you. If the Lord calls you to come and friends say stay, who do you obey? And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household (Matthew 10:36).

And I got the understanding that if you always place personal and family comfort and convinience above pleasing God, it an easy way to miss God’s purpose for your life.

But when you please God He gives you all things and many will be possibly affected and they will celebrate with you. Today, the early disciples are heroes of faith not only to their family and friends and Jews but globally. But if they had missed that first step of leaving it all for the Lord, they would have died ordinary fishermen and tax collectors with no possibility of you and me hearing their names.

So stubborn faith in God moves ordinary persons from ordinary into stardom. You please God and as your faith honours Him, He honours you.

Stubborn faith is a permanent believe in God and His word and promise to you. It lends itself to no bargain or re-negotiation. If only we can believe God, He is ready to do the great things He has done with father of faith Abraham, the disciples, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Can you believe Him?


The Lord’s Final Command



images twelveThe Lord is renewing the call to His Church and clergy to Disciple Him and make Him Disciple in every nation!  The call to disciple(ship) is not a new commandment, it is not a commandment of the 21st century,  rather, He made the original call 2,000+ years ago when He, the resurrected Lord was leaving the earth. It is the Final Command; I call it the Final Command, whilst many call it the Great Commission.

The Lord has activated the move in the heavens, calling and returning His Church and clergy to His original command to make Him Disciples in every nation, and the chosen and prepared vessels here on earth have received the signal, to proclaim the renewed call to the global church and clergy. The agenda is, “Be My disciple and make Me disciples everywhere in the world”. The Master wants Disciples as His representatives in every nation in the world, rather than the casual, lukewarm, mental (rather than heart) commitment that many have exhibited over the last twenty (20) centuries.

Simply put, Christ wants to be represented everywhere in the world by Disciples, true ambassadors; people who have paid the full price of following Him as Christ demanded in the gospels. Moreover, representation by Disciples is the Lord’s vision and divine growth strategy for His Church right from the beginning, and He made this demand just before His ascension. Discipleship of Christ is therefore, no man’s idea. It is not my innovation either. It has been the demand right from the beginning.

In His Final Command after His post-resurrection teachings and interactions with His Disciples, the Lord commanded:

“Go ye therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of  the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all the things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20) KJV

Clearly, Christ commanded the Disciples (at that time, it was them, but today it is us) to make disciples of all the nations. Simply, He was demanding a multiplication of Disciples across every culture, race, tribe, geography. In His mind, He wants the entire earth to be filled by followers who are truly disciples. Therefore, Disciples is the name He calls all who come to Him for salvation among all the several other provisions. He has therefore blessed the name He gave His followers, which was and remains, Disciples. It has not been cancelled and cannot be cancelled.

Thus says the Lord to this author, “Be My disciple and make Me disciples”. It was and is still a command, not an advice. It is a command to all the Church, clergy and me and every Christian. The command is for us to “disciple Him and makes Him disciples”, baptising and teaching them to obey all things He has commanded us. This is our business, the Church’s assignment; it is well defined, it is clear and unambiguous.

Are you a Disciple of the Lord? Let me hear from you.

What Common sense Cannot Do

faith pict

What is common sense? It is the basic level of practical knowledge and judgment that we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way.

By common sense, I can do the ordinary, the average, that which everyone is doing or able to do. Perhaps I can keep up things as they are, the family tradition; I can maintain my place among the crowd and be counted with the crowd.

However, the thing with common sense is that it is too common and can only do that which is common, average, that which many have done already.

There is something far above common sense. It connects you to that which is above the usual, above average, above that which is common to everyone. Walking by common sense limits you to what all others have done or will do in a given situation. Yet still, commonsense is good. But there is that which is far better than common sense. It is the best; it is FAITH.

What Can Faith Do?

No great discovery, innovation, achievement, that which was never done before was ever accomplished without faith. Faith makes you do that which has never been done before in history, or by your peers, or in your family, or in your generation, or in your nation. Faith gives you an extra eye that sees beyond the physical eye which everyone has. Faith exposes that which is hidden to all to you alone, it reveals the intangible and causes you to handle, touch, see, and appreciate it in the higher realms. Faith makes one to re-write history.

Faith makes you soar when others are crawling, walking or at best running. Faith makes you please God. Faith puts you in the realms of God. By faith you do the extraordinary, above excellent, the mind-boggling. By faith you stand right with God. By faith you obtain righteousness; i.e. right standing with God.

Abraham is still distinguished from the crowed by his action which was not driven by common sense but driven by faith. By faith Solomon sacrificed the unprecedented offering to God and God was more than pleased; that same night He issued a blank check to Solomon. Solomon, what do you want me to do for you? By faith, Noah built the ark on a dry ground far from the sea to save his household from flood, which had never happened to humanity before. This could not appeal to popular common sense hence they scolded him, mocked and insulted him. By this action, he condemned the world of sin and disobedience and lack of faith.

Acting by faith is doing what common sense will not do because it does not appeal to the common evaluation of all or receive the approval of the majority. Abraham at 75, barren, still living with his wife in his father’s house and deciding to sojourn because God asked him to, does not make commonsense, even to me. Common sense says, you seek greener pastures when you are strong and energetic. Leaving that which you have lived with all your life and comfortable with at 75 does not make sense to the common sense.

        Not living by common sense is not the same as not 
        being wise. It is actually not succumbing to the 
    expectations of everyone or not doing what everyone 
        else will do in a particular situation.

My definition if faith.

    And now faith is seeing the hidden, imminent, thing that the 
    common eye cannot see and making decisions based on what you 
    see and hear which all others cannot see or hear. 
    Faith is connecting to and walking in the supernatural; 
    the realm above the natural. It takes faith to unnerve that 
    which you sense inside you.

What do I need now?

What I need now is not the obvious common sense but something better and higher.

It does not appeal to common sense, including me, that, at 41, to be taken away from all you have been holding on to all your life. Nice and award winning sales career, built over 13 years, nice, enviable family, leading, managing a great team of people, some more qualified than I but leading and appraising them year after year by grace, driving brand new vehicles for years.

But the Lord Himself has wiped away all in one breath and offering me instead, the opportunity to disciple Him and make Him disciples in every nation. I now share Jesus Christ to every one I meet on public transport, train stations, market places and globally by this blog. The joy is truly much better.

After all this, the Lord now demands all of me; all of my time, efforts, skills, experiences, faculties. Well, it will not make sense to onlookers and even challenge myself, my common sense. But the others are not witnesses to what God has prepared for me before I was born. They were not there when I was told a bit of it for the first time in 2010. They were not there when He showed me many things in dreams and visions of the night. Onlookers were not there when He asked for my full time commitment and availability on 19th June 2015 and confirmed it  with specific instructions and timelines on 22nd July 2015, how can they believe, even my wife?

   O Lord, reveal a glimpse to those who must know because 
     they have a role to play in all of this, even my wife.

I was not there when God instructed Abraham, Noah, Moses, Sara, Mary, Joseph, Joshua, Paul etc. so only they could develop (or needed) the necessary faith for what God told them.

      Faith is generated by what you hear, not what others hear.

Only faith can move me to the next level, to lay hold of what the Lord is saying. My welfare, assurance, security, crown, my reward, my comfort, my joy, my peace, my inheritance is in the word that the Lord spoke to me clearly, not in a foreign language. I know that the Lord does not say what He cannot do, He doesn’t make empty promises. His track record is there throughout the ages.

Great blessings dwelling in my home, great unusual ministry unseen before in my family, unique in my generation, impacting lives, families, nations, continents, the body of Christ and the world as a whole is what I see just ahead. It is solid, though at the intangible state, I can touch it in the realms by faith.

Lord, I believe your specific instructions to me. Help my unbelief.

“God does not keep irrelevant people alive”

irrelevant manThis is the wisdom key God gave me this morning when I was meditating on the train  with Joshua 24:1-29. When Joshua accomplished God’s purpose for his live by leading the children of Israel into the Promised Land, he died at age 110.

When I read the last word of vs. 29, then the Spirit of the Lord told me God does not keep irrelevant people alive”

And I exclaimed in my spirit not understanding what it meant and the Lord showed me the following as explanations;

  1. How He took Moses’ life after Moses accomplished his assignment to take the children of Israel out of Egypt as assigned him by Jehovah in Exodus 3:10 Know that Moses was not a failure, he achieved the exact assignment he was given.
  2. Life of David and how God took his life after he had accomplished God’s purpose for his generation.
  3. Aaron died after fulfilling his God given job. The garment of his office was taken from him and given to his son Eleazar
  4. Paul, the persecutor of the disciples was still functioning in the plan of God though he was destructive to the Lord’s agenda
  5. Our Lord Jesus had a short 33.5 years (3.5 years in ministry) on earth but He was excellently effective and purposeful with no other man to compare to His success and impact. Today, Jesus Christ is a global name, whether you love Him or hate Him. I believe He did not spend even a minute of idle time on earth after He accomplished God’s purpose for His life. He said, gallantly, it is finished.

Who is a relevant person to God?

Let us understand that people are not ONLY relevant to God when they are doing the work of God as a  pastor, apostle, prophet, evangelist, teacher etc. One may be a sinner by every definition but still relevant to God’s plan. One may be in business and be fulfilling God’s purpose for his life. His assignment may be to finance the work of God e.g. church building, give huge tithes and offerings, take care of the poor etc. One may be a teacher, cleaner, engineer as God directed them to be and be relevant to God. God ministers His plans to people through various ways; dreams, visions, passionate desires when we are asleep etc. Job 33:14-17 (NJKV)

Paul was a notorious murderer, tirelessly persecuting the workers of God but he was still very relevant to God’s plan in globalizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And Jesus finally arrested him on his way to Damascus to wreak more havoc to Jesus’s mission.

Afterwards, Paul suffered many things. He was BEATEN OPENLY, but he did not die. “Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep”

Additional evidences that a sinner, atheist, pagan, may still be in the plans of God

Paul in his evil days as persecutor of God’s people, was clearly relevant to God and the following examples are also noteworthy;

  1. God himself hardened Pharaoh’s heart so He could use him to achieve His purpose. To display his might for the world to know the power of God
  2. Evangelist Jonah was kept in the belly of the big whale to preserve him to do God’s will
  3. The harlot Rahab, though a prostitute was very relevant to God

This title “God does not keep irrelevant people alive” is one reason why good people die and we cry, not knowing what God is doing. He may have accomplished God’s plan for him and hence become “irrelevant” for further work.

I am convinced that discovering God’s purpose for one’s life is the first task that every man/woman should accomplish.

I give you this free prayer points which I think every man/woman should pray;

1. O Lord, what is your purpose for my life, in my family, generation, nation, church etc.

2. O Lord let my life profit you. O Lord, whatever you have prepared for me before I was born, prepare me for it

3. O Lord God, show me your ways and paths and lead me into your perfect will in Jesus name.

How to embrace greatness

greatness quote and image

I remember this favourite quote pasted in a childhood friend’s photo album “do not be afraid of greatness, some people are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them”, William Shakespeare. As a child, I sensed inside me that I was born great but it was not evident at that moment. I always wondered how the Creator, created me and my family the way He did. We simply lacked many things. This always caused me to trouble my parents with a lot of probing questions. Such as;

  1. Why are we living in a village whilst there were towns and cities around us? As a child, we walked about 45 minutes to get to town for school, church service, market etc.
  2. Why were we farmers when there were many noble professions around us? Note that in Ghana, even today, farming is not viewed by many as an honourable profession compared to say banking, politics, trading etc. though it pays.
  3. Why do we suffer lack and want whilst people had more than enough of what they needed? As a child, I admired some families who always brought candies to church for their children and they enjoyed it whilst church service was on-going.
  4. “Do you know that we are serving God very well and God is pleased with us”? I believe till now that flesh and blood did not reveal this to me as a teenager when I made this comment to mum and my siblings. She didn’t know what to say till date and my siblings often remind me of this statement after almost three decades.

I never had the luxury of kindergarten or nursery education. I started primary school at age eleven (11) together with a step sister (now deceased “Mawukoenya” in our Ewe language meaning “only God knows”) and a nephew, Isaac, alive and living at Kasoa, a suburb of Accra, Ghana. I was blessed as my elder siblings and neighbourhood friends taught me how to write my name, how to read and write ABCD…Z and a few other things before I started school. It was one bright and sunny Tuesday morning in 1982 when we started school. And as usual my mother also came to market with our farm produce to sell and buy basic necessities like soap, fish, kerosene, salt and matches for the family. Our big brother took us to the popular schools in town in search of admission but to our surprise, we were told there were no vacancies. After matching round all the schools in the town in futility, we were left with only one last option which was Kadjebi L.A Primary “B” School (aka Zongo School, aka Allotey). It was as if it was not the first choice or second choice or even third choice of any parent in the town. Good thing was that we were gladly welcomed and admitted there. And looking back today, I am proud of my alma mater since this was where my journey to greatness all began.

At least it was a good feeling that, at last Albert has started school. But sadly there were no furniture in the classroom, neither was the floor cemented, so it was dusty. The dust was brown, I still remember the colour. As if that was not enough there were no doors in place hence we daily carried our mothers’ kitchen stool to and from school (don’t know how to explain what a kitchen stool is to those of you who are reading in America, Europe, Australia, Asia and even parts of Africa etc. who do not know it, but it is a stool used by our mothers in the kitchen) .This lack of doors placed the school pupils, the teachers and everyone at the mercy of the bad boys in the community who took over the school in the nights and smoked there leaving behind the cigarette butt. They even often left behind “human droppings” and would cover it with the loose brown sand and stuck the butt into it for us to clean the following morning before we could use the place. It was smelly and nauseating. I remember one time our headmaster had to call a strike as a protest against the bad behaviour of those boys.

When I told my children that I started school barefooted and without school uniform, they exclaimed and asked “Papa is it true?” Of course it is true. I agree the contrast between my life those days and my life today is sharp. Today my children go to school with lunch packs, nice clean uniforms, one set of uniform and shoes per day, Mummy or Papa or Nanny drops and picks them from school, they never went to school empty stomach, they are never sacked from school for non-payment of school fees, so indeed my situation is changed and is still changing. I am getting hold of greatness, bit by bit.

I wore school uniform for the first time at class five. That was five long years of looking odd and enduring it.

Looking around us at that time, and looking at our lives, I saw no visible advantages or nothing to write home about. Nothing made me proud about life except our hope in the Creator. In the midst of all that, I knew I was much more blessed more than most people. In my primary, I was always first in class, when we progressed to Junior Secondary School Kadjebi LA J.S.S; I was second or third as the competition grew stronger. I also remember my hand writing was always praised and teachers would ask me to write on the blackboard or chalkboard (I know most of you use something Formica board or even projectors in your classrooms) for the rest of the class to copy.

At the Basic Certificate Examination (BECE) I had aggregate ten just as I asked God a year earlier to enable me to obtain. I was among the best in my school.

Though I excelled in the BECE, my dad was scared by the cost of Senior Secondary education so he advised me to learn a vocation just as he advised my elder brother who refused and persevered through school and he is now in the military and serving in Lebanon. Like he did, I flatly rejected the idea, knowing my life’s dreams. My mummy did everything possible and saw me through secondary school. In the first year I won the Best Student in Economics and I was entitled to a package which never was because I was not present at the Speech and Prize Giving Day event which was held on a Saturday. When I came to school two days later and went to the Headmaster’s office to claim my award, he told me because I failed to present myself at the event, he would not give me the parcel. I believe I have received my well deserved parcel in another form, yes that is my believe till date. As a matter of fact, I decided to spend that Saturday to go to farm to harvest palm fruits for sale to supplement my parents’ efforts to pay my school fees and this was the opportunity cost for me. I remember in my senior secondary school days it was particularly very difficult for us to pay my fees hence there was hardly any term that I was not sacked from school for overdue school fees. Sad to say that despite this proactive step I took and the huge opportunity cost I paid, something urgent pressed my father and he borrowed the little resources I was able to raise towards my fees so I eventually sacked from school that term for overdue fees.

But the Lord saw me through it all and the suffering and deprivation could not stop my pursuit of my dream. One of my discoveries is that you can see far with your heart than your physical eyes can see. I passed my final exams at the Senior Secondary Certificate Exams (SSSCE) in 1994 to enter the university. I was the first person in my family to achieve this feat. Family friends said university was too much for me as no one in my mother and father’s families has been to the university before. It came with a lot of struggles. It took three long years before I finally got admission in 1997 to further my studies. At the peak of my trials, I remember one Sunday I got very drunk with alcohol together with other struggling friends. I felt so bad and thankfully, that was the worst I ever got with alcohol. Glory to God, since 21st June 2009, I have not tasted alcohol and I don’t intend to ever do so. I now fellowship with the Holy Ghost on daily basis.

At this point, my late father made the greatest sacrifice for my education that very few fathers can make; he sold one of his farmlands to pay my admission fees and that I never forget. But he passed on without even sitting in my car. I remember the day I drive my car to the village, it drew tears from all over the community. Oh your father did not live to see this! Tears! Tears!! And I also join in the wailing.

Though my mummy worked very hard, she was overwhelmed by the sheer number of children to take care of. A dozen children from her alone to my father is no joke you would agree with me and I am the 8th baby for my mother and father. My late father often travelled out to seek greener pastures but he never actually procured a decent livelihood for us. One of my prayer points is that Lord; do not let me face the financial lack and want that my late dad suffered all his life. And the Lord has granted me this.

I remember at about age thirteen, I told my mum when I grew up, I would live in a city and would not be a farmer like she and my father. She would tell me to learn hard in school and that my dream was possible. She recognises my potentials and dream.

After graduation, I chose to teach during my national service ( national youth service as some call it) to enhance my communication skills and general engagement with people as I knew I was shy and reserved and knew that was a setback for me as a marketer.

The next thing was that a friend who was selling insurance products then as a Sales and Marketing Executive arranged for me to join his work and we worked on the same team selling life insurance products across many regions of Ghana for three years.

After three years of tremendous success on this job, my confidence, persuasive and communication skills were further bolstered. From there, what I never dreamt of happened in my life i.e. I landed a sales job in a multinational Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company. Insurance sales people believe that if you are able to sell life insurance products, then you can sell any other commodity. From there I was given a vehicle, and ever since, it had been one brand new vehicle to another. In fact since 2010 I have been driving a new vehicle each year with the current year’s number plate and the aging one is passed on to my team members or lower ranks. With my Postgraduate Certificate at hand, I just realised I still have more to study than I have studied so far, all in sharpening myself for the assignment God has for me. One thing I always wonder is, what is it that people study in Philosophy, Science etc. that make them think that they created themselves, they do not need God or there is no God? But I know that science only studies physical things and is helpless when it comes to spiritual or supernatural things. (I will deal with the helplessness of science when it comes to issues of the Spirit or the supernatural in another post).

I must say it’s been the favour of God after another. I have led teams for over ten years with some members having achieved greater academic qualifications than I. I have appraised them each year and promoted the deserving ones and even exited some.

The Lord also blessed me with a wonderful woman for a wife and we are blessed with three extraordinary children, with great destinies. The Lord told me they would do much more than I. My children are greater than I.

In 2009, I learnt for the first time that the Lord has an assignment for me. I was shocked. I said, O Lord, what trouble are you starting like this? Wouldn’t you allow me live my life? There are many servants of God already, why me too? And the Lord began to work on me day by day. He was revealing the assignment to me stage by stage. He told me about the international dimension of the assignment (symbolized by the 7 colours of the rainbow) Speaking, teaching and writing the word of salvation! I admire God’s gift of wisdom to Solomon and David in the Bible. That is why they were able to write so much and impact Christianity so much with the Proverbs, Song of Songs and the Psalms.

And now my formula for embracing greatness is;

Step 1: Catch a vision of God’s purpose for your life. Before you were borne, He knew you and decided on your purpose and recorded it in His book. Find it. Your heart sees farther beyond where your physical eyes cannot. Engage the power of vision. What you see, you possess, you become.

Step 2: Be passionate and unstoppable about your vision. Execute the vision with all your heart, with all of your mind, with all of your might and move with zeal. You then become unstoppable.

Step 3: Work diligently at it. Prepare, sharpen your skills and be smart at the vision.

Step 4: Don’t quit in the face of odds. Our Lord Jesus is my example. He excelled in keeping His eyes on the crown waiting Him so the heavy sufferings could not stop Him. Once I didn’t quit on what I saw as a child, I have become and I am still becoming.

Steps 1-4 make you achieve your God-given vision and this delivers true greatness into your hands.

Achieving God’s purpose for your life is true greatness, nothing greater than this. Every truly great person is an achiever of God’s purpose for his life. “Now when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his ancestors and his body decayed. Acts 13:36 (NIV)

I now know I was born great though my environment and circumstances contradicted this truth at the beginning. But “Believe you can and you’re halfway there”Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919). But for the seed of greatness God has put in me at creation, my poor parents would have stopped me with the obvious excuse of “we don’t have the Ghana cedi or kwacha”, my disadvantaged geographical location would have stopped me, the Zongo school environment and all the odds I scaled would have stopped me but NO! NO! I am born with greatness in my makeup and so are you. So don’t be afraid of greatness, embrace it. This is how to become great.

Wise quote for the world

King David

Achieving God’s purpose for your life is true greatness, nothing greater than this. Every truly great person is an achiever of God’s purpose for his life, for his family, for his generation, for his nation, and so on…Albert Etornam Dogbe (29th May 2015)

 “Now when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his ancestors and his body decayed. Acts 13:36 (NIV)