Today’s quote from the book to be launched “21 Powerful Secrets of Faith”

Faith which worketh by love (Galatians 5:6 KJV), love for God and people. So any walk of faith without love contradicts and deflates your faith, rendering it unproductive and barren. Join me meditate on this.


Launch details are as follow;

 Date: ………… …Sunday, 27TH November 2016

Venue: …………..Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon, Accra.

Time: …………….4pm

Book Reviewers:

  1. Caroline Boateng (Ms), Graphic Communications Group and

2. Nana Akua Agyemang-Badu (Ms), an international book editor and   President,  Fluent English Training and Publishing Ltd.

MC:……………  Nana Kofi Arthur (MC Extra-ordinaire)

Special Guest of Honour: Hon. MP for Ledzokuku and Deputy Minister for Fisheries Sena Benita Okity-Duah (Mrs.)


Today’s quote from the book “21 Powerful Secrets of Faith”


Launch details;

Venue: Trinity Theological Seminary (Trinity United Church), Legon Accra

Time: 4PM

Date: Date will be announced very soon. Watch out!





Today’s quote from the book “21 Powerful Secrets of Faith”


Why Only God’s Timing is Perfect!

Clock timing

I believe we are all familiar with the statement that “God’s time is the best” but not many truly appreciate the wisdom in it. Perhaps we have lost its meaning.

Today we all struggle to meet our own deadlines in the areas of marriage, business, education, employment, promotion, childbirth, breakthrough etc.

Recently, a fellow servant of God shared with me the testimony of a 45 year old woman in Ashaiman, a suburb of Accra, Ghana who got married earlier this year and got pregnant. These became breaking news in and around the community and everyone (Christians and non Christians) are all virtually saying “it’s the doing of the Lord and its marvellous in our eyes” Hurray!

What if this lady had gotten married at age 24 or 25 and started bearing children, it clearly would have been a normal occurrence and not have attracted any attention and special praise to God.

Therefore the mileage of praise, thankfulness and glory it generated and the lifting up of the faith of the inhabitants and all who hear it is overwhelming. Indeed, there is no better timing than God’s timing. His glory matters to Him above our selfish conveniences.

This is the message the Lord gave me for today John 9: 1-3. The disciples asked why the man was born blind. Was it due to his own sins (before he was born blind) or was it due to the sins of his parents? Jesus said in vs. 3 that neither of those reasons were correct, rather,

“that the works of God should be made manifest in his life”

This means that God made him blind from birth with the sole aim of affording God to bag some glory and praise and increase the faith of onlookers when the power of God heals this blind man one day.

And it happened from vs. 6&7 Jesus did that amazing miracle with his saliva mixed with sand applied to the eyes and asked the man to wash. He did wash and got healed!

As God purposed it way back before the man was born, the power of God manifested in this man’s life and God got huge glory and praise. This was after the scepticism and denial and questioning by the Pharisees of Jesus’ authority and genuineness.

But in all, the point was clearly made that the power of God had healed the popular blind beggar that everyone knew in the city as he had been around for long and he was then a man, not a boy. He has grown in the begging business.

Consider these questions;

  1. Could it be that you have not yet received that answered prayer, say in the area of your health, marriage, business, financials, ministry because it is not yet God’s appointed time?
  2. Could it be if this particular request was granted at your time, God would have missed out on the mileage of glory and praise He has planned for Himself?
  3. Could it be that if God gives you the financial success you are asking for according to your timing, it would draw you away from God? And He would lose out on the profit/glory on you? Think about it.

Man’s timing is based on very limited factors, our personal convenience which is often powered by selfishness, and peer pressure i.e. to meet social acceptance. If we don’t wean ourselves of depending on and enforcing our own timing for God, disappointments, frustrations, heartbreaks and eventually giving up on our faith is inevitable. God’s timing is perfect, it takes care of the immediate, medium, long and very long term factors including those factors we cannot see. Above all, it takes care of the ultimate i.e. God’s glory and praise which He will not bargain and or share with anyone!

To conclude, I urge you to also align yourself to God’s timing; because it builds our patience, endurance, prayer life and faith. An additional benefit of learning to go along with the Master’s clock is that it makes you avoid stress and depression and anxiety with their attendant health problems. It also gives you a good sleep as you trust that the Lord will give you His best deal. God’s time is indeed the only perfect time. Let this wisdom disperse your stress and depression today and on a continuous basis for a better and victorious Christian life.

Scripture reading John 9 vs. 1-41