Today’s quote from the book to be launched “21 Powerful Secrets of Faith”

Faith which worketh by love (Galatians 5:6 KJV), love for God and people. So any walk of faith without love contradicts and deflates your faith, rendering it unproductive and barren. Join me meditate on this.


Launch details are as follow;

 Date: ………… …Sunday, 27TH November 2016

Venue: …………..Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon, Accra.

Time: …………….4pm

Book Reviewers:

  1. Caroline Boateng (Ms), Graphic Communications Group and

2. Nana Akua Agyemang-Badu (Ms), an international book editor and   President,  Fluent English Training and Publishing Ltd.

MC:……………  Nana Kofi Arthur (MC Extra-ordinaire)

Special Guest of Honour: Hon. MP for Ledzokuku and Deputy Minister for Fisheries Sena Benita Okity-Duah (Mrs.)


Today’s quote from the book to be launched “21 Powerful Secrets of Faith”




Today’s quote from the book “21 Powerful Secrets of Faith”


Launch details;

Venue: Trinity Theological Seminary (Trinity United Church), Legon Accra

Time: 4PM

Date: Date will be announced very soon. Watch out!





Today’s quote from the book “21 Powerful Secrets of Faith”


One Reason this book will bless you is, it will get you to deploy your faith for results!


…no one is ever celebrated for the faith he claims he has, rather, he is celebrated for the faith he manifests, the work of faith he actually accomplishes. True or false?

Why another book on faith?




Yesterday, I shared with you the table of content of my book, “21 Powerful Secrets of Faith’

Today, I want to answer the question, Why another book on faith when there are many already?

Many have spoken and written on faith but too many have actually narrowed the meaning, the requirements and the effects of what it means to believe in God to the detriment of the believer and the church as a whole. But I want to demonstrate what many have not discerned and may never discover in their walk with God.

I write on faith because the Lord Jesus has given me the gift of faith and specifically and graphically described it to me as stubborn faith. And He added that our relationship is based on something more than a promise; it is based on a covenant.

So, I write on faith  based on insight and revelation resulting from close love relationship with Christ, not on theories and abstract concepts. When a man of faith, even stubborn faith writes on faith, it is a must read for every believer and unbelievers alike. It will help even the atheist, agnostic and humanist.

Friends, stay tuned for something powerful next time.

Albert Etornam Dogbe.