How exactly can I support this book launch?



Blessings to you all.

Since you saw and read a few paragraphs about my book, uncounted numbers of you have actually contacted me, from 3 continents so far and still counting, asking for the price of my book.

I marvel at your readiness and high appetite for this book. I am very grateful to you all. Interestingly, most of you expressing this level of readiness and appettite for the book have read only the reasons why I chose to write on the subject of faith when there are several books on faith already.

In addition, a number of you gave me the feedback that you could not wait to grab a copy to read. Great! But I always tell you, no, you have to wait and get a copy at the launch or after the launch. The reason is this, waiting and being patient is one of the secrets of faith documented and shared in this book so I encourage you to embrace these secrets of waiting and patience in your walk with God.

As if that was not enough, many of you called or whatsapped, or emailed me asking how you could help me launch my book!. I am very grateful to you all.

Now let me document (possibly) all the ways by which you (reading now) can help me launch this book successfully.

  1. Be personally present among my Special Guests at the launch
  2. Spread the news of this book to all your facebook and whatsapp contacts.
  3. At the launch, support generously
  4. Get a copy
  5. Get a copy as a gift to a friend, your pastor and or relations
  6. You can also help sell the book right where you are.

Amazingly, many of you friends, acquitances from far and near have called and some have actually offered me various  support for a succcessful launch; ranging from media, event planning, venue, financial, etc. May God’s blessings overflow in your lives.

As you also purpose in your heart to utilize any of these 6 ways of contributing to a successful launch, I pray that my God credit blessings to your account instantly, and when you actually actualize this thinking in your heart into a reality, may you be blessed significantly; your spouse and children’s children’s children inclusive! Amen.

So choose and plan how you want to contribute to a succesful launch of the book, “21 Powerful Secrets of Faith”.

Watch out for more details about the launch coming up soon!

Be blessed significantly as you prepare your support.


6 Reasons authors write books!


Now I know!

When I was a boy, I though as a boy, but now as a grown up and an author, I now know why authors write the books they write.

Authors don’t just write books for the sake of writing. We write books when we have;

i) a message for the world,

ii) a secret and or

III) an experience,

iv) a revelation,

v) a gift to impart, and

Vi) a truth to document and to share.

The above listed are the reasons why I wrote my book, “21 POWERFUL SECRETS OF FAITH”.

In this book, I also exposed 7 reasons why people ask but do not receive.  In addition, I provided the solution to these barriers to receiving by sharing with you 9 steps to receive answers to your prayers.

Be prepared for the following when you read my book and adopt and practice these secrets of faith and 9 ways to pray and receive answers;

i) It will change your prayers!

ii) It will increase your faith in God.

iii) It will improve your relationship with God.

iv) It will help you discover the fun in walking by faith, not by the physical sight.

v) You will receive answers to your prayers!

I must say that, I got these secrets by a closer, covenant walk with God. Indeed, He reveals His covenant and secrets to all those who fear and love Him deeply.

Watch out for the launch details!

I value your comments, questions and feedbacks. Let me hear from you this moment. What do you think and feel about my book?