Welcoming my long-awaited baby, my book, my first book!

Dear friend,

Please help me welcome the latest book in town, ’21 Powerful Secrets of How to Walk by Faith’. Of a truth, these are secrets every Christian and clergy must know.

FINAL FLYERs of book 21 Powerful Secrets

This is the work of grace; the evidence of what God’s grace can do with a person.

This book, the insights in this book speak to a target audience of all denominations of Christians (will make you a better person of faith), the clergy ( so we can teach and live by faith better), and the global Church that Christ has built and is still building.

This book is impacting lives already. As you read it and adopt its secrets, you cannot walk away the same. Get ready to be impacted!

Watch for more about this book over the next few weeks.

Enjoy the peace of God.

From God’s servant.


Albert Etornam  Dogbe.








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