Why I welcome myself back? See.

Dear friend, WP_20160609_004[1]

After a long break since January 10, 2017 I welcome myself back to my cherished garden/blog. This new life as a disciple of Jesus Christ actually took me off writing for sometime. But I believe the Lord has brought me back and I shall be writing more. And I hope you would be reading them and reacting. I love feed backs.

I also thank the Lord Jesus for keeping you and preserving you up till this day. I know that no man can keep his own soul alive (Psalm 22:29) so I give GOD the praise for keeping us alive.

Friend, you are not alive today by mistake! God kept you and is still keeping you alive not just for the sake of it but for a reason. I pray for you that you discover that reason for your life and pursue it and fulfill it in the name of the Lord Jesus.

May the Lord keep you and preserve you, and hide you in His secret place where no weapon of the enemy can ever find you. Amen.

If you are alive, let me hear from you.

Albert E. Dogbe





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