Can I get this book on-line? I live in far away China.

New book cover design.png

Thanks a ton to all of you who have been interacting with me regarding the upcoming book launch. I value your feedbacks and comments.

Today, I share with you an email conversion that took place between me and a retired American preacher now living and working in China, regarding how he could also get hold of this book to read and be blessed. Please note that name withheld but nationality and his present place of abode is revealed.

Comment: What is the cost of this new book on faith and will it be available as an ebook? I am retired and living and working in China, and an ebook is the best way for me.

Author’s reply: Thanks Dr xxxxxxx. I am grateful for your interest in my book which I know will bless you. I am working on the online version. When I am through, I will alert you.
Stay blessed.

With this ongoing project to make the book globally available to everyone in this small global village, be assured that you too can access the book, read it and be blessed. Do not miss it.

Do not hesitate to send me your comments, questions, suggestions and even ways you want to support this launch. God bless you today and beyond.