The life of the Disciples of Christ

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I continue with my series on Discipleship of Jesus Christ.

I have already dealt with Why Christ is still calling for Disciples, not just church members and also Who or what is a Disciple of Jesus Christ? If you have not read them, you need to.

I want repeat the point that Disciples of Jesus Christ are not just students or scholars of Him but are people who engage all their hearts, minds, souls and strength to learn, know and serve Jesus Christ. This makes the Disciple an able and true ambassador of Christ. Discipleship of Christ is therefore, much more than an intellectual activity, it involves the whole of the man or woman.

Today, I focus on the life of the Disciple of Jesus Christ, what sets them apart from others, their focus, proximity to Jesus, and love and commitment to Jesus Christ.

By now you would understand from earlier teachings that the Lord’s call on the early Disciples to make disciples for Him in every nation still stands and has not expired. In addition, only disciples can make more disciples just as the police or a pilot cannot make or train doctors. As you read, know that a 21st century Disciple of Jesus Christ is imparting the grace and the spirit of the Disciples to you as Christ imparted to me when He called me. The goal of my writings, I must say again is to make disciples for Christ in every nation as He has commanded me.

The basic mark of a Disciple of Jesus Christ is the mark of love; as Jesus loves us, we also love Him in return and affect others with His kind of love and compassion. Of course, we also manifest his other virtues of faith, gentleness, long-suffering, patience, peace, joy, meekness etc. The display of this love and the rest of His virtues and character towards  God and man is what made the world call the early Disciples Christ-ones or Christ-like  and then became Christians. This is what happened in Antioch in the first century (Acts 11:26).

The way of Life of the Disciple of Christ;

Here I show you 12 features of the life of the Disciple that distinguish him from all else and place him in the closes innermost circles with Jesus Christ;

  1. Disciples are marked  and noted for their unrepentable love for Jesus Christ. It is the love for Him that breeds the faith in Him. The Disciple’s faith, therefore cannot be quenched by hardship, suffering and persecution because love is a ver powerful force that cannot be quenched by many waters or many troubles.
  2. A disciple confesses Jesus whether under threat of gun or knife, whether in pain or in comfort. The disciple has high stamina and endurance to walk with Jesus Christ. Do you still confess Jesus even at the point of gun and knife?
  3. Christ indwells and takes over the Disciples’ life, will, choices, priorities, and even his faculties. Christ’s will submerges that of the disciple. It is a total takeover by the Lord made possible by a willing surrender by the follower.
  4. What matters most to the Disciple is procuring the interest, the glory and will of His Master in every situation, at his discomfort and inconvinience and even at the peril of his own life. Do you defend your comfort and convinience and use them as excuses to disobey Jesus Christ?
  5. A disciple is ready to offer his life in the interest of his Master Jesus if need be. The twelve disciples demonstrated this including Paul. They proclaimed Jesus even during torturing and beatings even unto death. Only Disciple John did not die violent death but he is said to have survived being boiled in hot oil in Ephesus because of believing and preaching his Master. When he survived it, the emperor not knowing what to do, exorcised him from Ephesus so he went into exile on the Island of Patmos. Can you die for Jesus Christ or when it gets to that you will save yourself by denying Him? Jesus says he that saves his own life shall lose it, and he that loses his life for His ake shall find it (Luke 9:24) Your life also includes your convinience and comfort.
  6. Disciples see and call Jesus Christ their Master and Lord. He is my Master and Lord.
  7. Reciprocal flow of deep love. Disciples appreciate the deep love the Lord Jesus demonstrated towards humanity by stripping Himself of all the glory He had in heaven and coming in flesh to work, suffer and die a humiliating death for us. It is love.
  8. In discipling the Lord Jesus, the Disciple is constrained, restricted, compelled, and impelled by the reciprocal flow of deep love. Therefore, the Disciple is fully dedicated to not living for himself, but for and to please his Master Jesus and God the Father.
  9. A Disciple is not just a Church member or Church worker. Neither does priestly function give one an automatic status of a Disciple; it is an extra proximity to Christ.
  10. The Disciple’s life is also that of extra commitment to and love for Jesus Christ, the Church and the things of the Father with all of one’s heart and soul, spirit and might and faculties.
  11. As I write, my feet, my hands, my body, my soul, strength, my bones and marrows, everything within me, my eyes and ears, my tongue and lips, my mouth, my fluid and blood and oesophagus are all dedicated to the glory of my Master Jesus. This is a disciple’s life. Can you see how it compares with being a Church member or denomination lover as many are today? I will later show you a detailed comparison of the two.
  12. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is the closest proximity one can get with Jesus Christ. It is a mark of high dose of love, faith and sacrifice.

This is what Christ Jesus is calling the church to. Higher commitment, proximity, love, faith, sacrifice. This is what distinguished the few early disciples and they easily turned the world upside down.

Are you a disciple of Jesus Christ?; begin to move closer to Him. This is how; a genuine understanding of the love of God expressed through Jesus towards us, and an attempt to genuinely answer the question ‘what can I do for Christ for all this great love and sacrifice for me?’ is a catalyst to changing your identity and making you His Disciple.

Let me hear from you too.