So where’s My Honour, asks the LORD?

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So where’s My Honour, asks the LORD?

This post is relevant to us priests, leaders, and every Disciple of Christ.

This question from the Lord of hosts directed at the priests (apostles, pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets, Bishops, Archbishops, and Pope Etc) in the days of Prophet Malachi truly applies to us today in 21st century. It broke my heart a whole night.

Why, because it is unfortunate for our activities to necessitate the Creator Himself to raise this question, not to unbelievers and Gentiles of the day, but priests who are supposed to be the example of respect and reverence to the Lord. If we the priests despise the name of the Lord, then what’s the situation with the flock that are under the priest or the unbeliever? Will it not be worst?

The Lord raises this question to the priests of Israel and applies to the priesthood everywhere today;

A son honours his father and a servant his master: If then I be a father, where is my honour? And if I be a master, where’s my fear? Malachi 1:6.

The Lord also accuses the priests to be despisers of His name but turn round to ask wherein have we despised Your name?.

In our individual homes, every father and mother demands respect from his/her children. Every apprentice must exhibit the highest level of fear and reverence to his master. In the physical realm, this is demanded.

So why did we not simply give this to the Lord?

Do I need to remind my readers and myself of the position and awesomeness of the Lord?

  1. He is the designer and crafter of the universe
  2. He is the giver and sustainer of life
  3. He is the greatest of all
  4. He’s the Father of all fathers
  5. The heaven and the earth and the fullness of them belongs to Him
  6. He’s love and not only that. He also kills without a criminal charge against Him. He decides who lives today and who lives tomorrow. The man is simply too powerful not to be feared, honoured, respected and reverenced. Any descent?

Does God have to look around in search for His honour, respect, reverence and fear, and having to pose this question after not finding any in the lives of the priests?

These are the evidences the Lord listed against us priests in verse 7;

  1. You offer polluted bread on my altar and say the table of the Lord is contemptible
  2. We are accused of offering blind (animals), lame and sick as sacrifices which even our earthly governors, presidents, mayors, Senators, Fathers, and mothers, counsellors will not be pleased with.

The charges listed above refer to the quality of our offerings, service, reverence, honour to the Lord, even the hearts with which we offer them. Do we not offer unworthy sacrifices? With grumblings and murmurings?

Are we serving the Lord on His terms or on our terms? Every employee serves according to the agreed terms with the employer and not on the employee’s on terms, but today, this is becoming the norm rather than the exception, where many so called priests and clergy serve the Lord on their own terms and as they pleased.

Do we exemplify obedience to the Lord, first in our own eyes, in the eyes of our congregations or audience and thirdly in the eyes of the Lord or we are just doing our own things, without care to please the Lord?

I must add at this stage that, majority of priests even today in the 21st century, are not in to do the pleasure of the their employer, the Lord Jesus. The Lord has shown and warned me on this in a number of visions of the night. He says majority of priests I see around me, are just doing their own things, on their own terms. Their priority is not to please their employer Jesus but to please themselves.

The Lord asks the question in verse 10 as to whom even among us (priests, humans) would shut the doors for nothing? My own question, is the Lord pouring down the blessings from heaven as He promised? As priests, are we demonstrating the power and light of the Lord in our activities? The Lord of hosts says ‘I have no pleasure in you, said the Lord of hosts; neither will I accept an offering at your hand’. The Lord not having pleasure in us the priests is a serious catastrophe!

Too bad! This must cause any well intended priest (who is not recalcitrant and determined to serve the Lord on his/her own terms) to develop stomach upset now, and with fear and horror, and trembling (Philippians 2:12) review our own works, else at the end of our work, there is no mansion for us with the Lord though there are many mansions in His Father’s house awaiting all true and faithful stewards.

I call on the priesthood; apostles, bishops and archbishops, evangelists, prophets, pastors, teachers, popes) whether in Orthodox, Charismatic, Pentecostal, Catholic etc denominations we cannot continue to do it our own way and get paid by our employer in heaven. If we don’t please Him, our works are vain. Let’s begin to review and change. Time is running out daily even now as you read!

So the LORD is still asking you “Where is my honour?” The Lord is still asking you and me.

What changes will you make from today?

Scripture reading Malachi 1 vs. 6-11

(C). 2016 MDCM.