One Reason You need God’s connection

image divine connection

God always disconnects people in order to connect to them fully.

See the examples of Abraham, Joseph and Paul. And the Lord God commanded Abraham to depart his father’s house and kindred in order for God to fully take possession of him and his faculties and make him great (Genesis 12:1). Joseph through the instrumentality of his envious brethren, disconnected him from his father and kindred, by selling him twenty pieces of silver, not knowing they were pushing Joseph into the fulfilment of the lofty dreams that God has given him (Genesis 37:28). Moses had to seek refuge in the wilderness for forty inconvinient years in order to fulfil the divine call upon him as the deliverer of the children of Israel (Exodus 2:15).

What has God called you or purposed for you in your family, community, nation, or even in the global world? You are most certainly going to be alone with God for an appointed time before you can fulfil that assignment. Was not popular Paul dragged alone to the Arabian Desert for  over three years to be prepared and equipped before he could face the task set for him as the carrier of the light of the Gospel to the Gentiles?

To impact and fulfil God’s purpose for you in your generation like King David did, do not run away from you Arabian Desert moments. Like Abraham, do not resist your having to depart your comfort zone and convinience, in one way or the other. Like Joseph, your family or friends may betray or try to abort the fulfilment of the divine vision, but in all that know that God is with you and may be actively disconnecting you in order to connect you to Himself.

Divine connection brings human conncetion! But not vice versa, because often times, reliance on human connection can stifle divine connection. Get the first thing first, divine connection first and human connection will fall in place. When Joseph was divinely connected, it brought about a reconnection with his father’s house and even the brethren who wholesale him into slavery.

What do ou seek first, divine connection or human connection?

I pray the the hand of the Lord will hold you by your right hand and strengthen you to subdue nations (Isaiah 45:1). And every bars of iron across your path be cut asunder by the POWER of God. I pray for your disconnection and your divine connection in Jesus Christ my Master’s name.

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