What Common sense Cannot Do

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What is common sense? It is the basic level of practical knowledge and judgment that we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way.

By common sense, I can do the ordinary, the average, that which everyone is doing or able to do. Perhaps I can keep up things as they are, the family tradition; I can maintain my place among the crowd and be counted with the crowd.

However, the thing with common sense is that it is too common and can only do that which is common, average, that which many have done already.

There is something far above common sense. It connects you to that which is above the usual, above average, above that which is common to everyone. Walking by common sense limits you to what all others have done or will do in a given situation. Yet still, commonsense is good. But there is that which is far better than common sense. It is the best; it is FAITH.

What Can Faith Do?

No great discovery, innovation, achievement, that which was never done before was ever accomplished without faith. Faith makes you do that which has never been done before in history, or by your peers, or in your family, or in your generation, or in your nation. Faith gives you an extra eye that sees beyond the physical eye which everyone has. Faith exposes that which is hidden to all to you alone, it reveals the intangible and causes you to handle, touch, see, and appreciate it in the higher realms. Faith makes one to re-write history.

Faith makes you soar when others are crawling, walking or at best running. Faith makes you please God. Faith puts you in the realms of God. By faith you do the extraordinary, above excellent, the mind-boggling. By faith you stand right with God. By faith you obtain righteousness; i.e. right standing with God.

Abraham is still distinguished from the crowed by his action which was not driven by common sense but driven by faith. By faith Solomon sacrificed the unprecedented offering to God and God was more than pleased; that same night He issued a blank check to Solomon. Solomon, what do you want me to do for you? By faith, Noah built the ark on a dry ground far from the sea to save his household from flood, which had never happened to humanity before. This could not appeal to popular common sense hence they scolded him, mocked and insulted him. By this action, he condemned the world of sin and disobedience and lack of faith.

Acting by faith is doing what common sense will not do because it does not appeal to the common evaluation of all or receive the approval of the majority. Abraham at 75, barren, still living with his wife in his father’s house and deciding to sojourn because God asked him to, does not make commonsense, even to me. Common sense says, you seek greener pastures when you are strong and energetic. Leaving that which you have lived with all your life and comfortable with at 75 does not make sense to the common sense.

        Not living by common sense is not the same as not 
        being wise. It is actually not succumbing to the 
    expectations of everyone or not doing what everyone 
        else will do in a particular situation.

My definition if faith.

    And now faith is seeing the hidden, imminent, thing that the 
    common eye cannot see and making decisions based on what you 
    see and hear which all others cannot see or hear. 
    Faith is connecting to and walking in the supernatural; 
    the realm above the natural. It takes faith to unnerve that 
    which you sense inside you.

What do I need now?

What I need now is not the obvious common sense but something better and higher.

It does not appeal to common sense, including me, that, at 41, to be taken away from all you have been holding on to all your life. Nice and award winning sales career, built over 13 years, nice, enviable family, leading, managing a great team of people, some more qualified than I but leading and appraising them year after year by grace, driving brand new vehicles for years.

But the Lord Himself has wiped away all in one breath and offering me instead, the opportunity to disciple Him and make Him disciples in every nation. I now share Jesus Christ to every one I meet on public transport, train stations, market places and globally by this blog. The joy is truly much better.

After all this, the Lord now demands all of me; all of my time, efforts, skills, experiences, faculties. Well, it will not make sense to onlookers and even challenge myself, my common sense. But the others are not witnesses to what God has prepared for me before I was born. They were not there when I was told a bit of it for the first time in 2010. They were not there when He showed me many things in dreams and visions of the night. Onlookers were not there when He asked for my full time commitment and availability on 19th June 2015 and confirmed it  with specific instructions and timelines on 22nd July 2015, how can they believe, even my wife?

   O Lord, reveal a glimpse to those who must know because 
     they have a role to play in all of this, even my wife.

I was not there when God instructed Abraham, Noah, Moses, Sara, Mary, Joseph, Joshua, Paul etc. so only they could develop (or needed) the necessary faith for what God told them.

      Faith is generated by what you hear, not what others hear.

Only faith can move me to the next level, to lay hold of what the Lord is saying. My welfare, assurance, security, crown, my reward, my comfort, my joy, my peace, my inheritance is in the word that the Lord spoke to me clearly, not in a foreign language. I know that the Lord does not say what He cannot do, He doesn’t make empty promises. His track record is there throughout the ages.

Great blessings dwelling in my home, great unusual ministry unseen before in my family, unique in my generation, impacting lives, families, nations, continents, the body of Christ and the world as a whole is what I see just ahead. It is solid, though at the intangible state, I can touch it in the realms by faith.

Lord, I believe your specific instructions to me. Help my unbelief.


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  1. Albert . . .I think everyone should read this. You have inspired me and ministered to me. I am thinking now of the words He spoke to me . . .that He would make a way. Praying to move through each day remembering that , believing that. Thank you and God bless you.


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