My Customized Worship and Prayer to the Crafter of my Life

I share with you the prayer that came out of my soul when I was worshipping my Crafter a couple of nights ago.

In the womb

Lord you knew me when I was still invisible and nonexistent.

In your secret place, you intelligently crafted me and shaped me this way suitable for your purpose which is my assignment. You called me by name when I didn’t know myself. You saw me when I couldn’t see. You chose me when I couldn’t make a choice. And when I was born, you daily guided me with your eyes and might and taught me.

You have handpicked me from the multitudes and commissioned me; you found me with your oil of mercy and favour. Awesome are you O Lord.

The wise will fear and honour you, but the FOOL opposes you.

I am for your pleasure. My hands, my feet, my eyes, my ears, my heart , my mind, all my faculties are for your use.Can the pot fight the potter?-Albert Etornam Dogbe (July 10, 2015)