What Homosexuals/Lesbians want to achieve

They are desperately making it acceptable, popular, but is that the INTENTION, MIND, and WILL of God?, is that BIBLICAL?, that man and man to marry, and woman and woman to marry?

We would have seen that in the Garden of Eden. In the Bible, homosexuals and lesbians are abominations before God just as prostitutes, murderers and any other sinner. Unlike the rest, homosexuals and lesbians want to drag the whole world including the church along with them whilst they practice their abomination.

But does God love them? Yes. God loves the whole of His creation including the sinner, pagan, atheist etc. else, He would have withdrawn His breath from them. God loves the sinner, but hates the sin. The church must do same (i.e. love the perverse) but not to allow herself to be dragged along to endorse the abomination .

It does not matter what supreme courts say, evil is still evil and God is still the righteous God.


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