45 minutes of 2015 is over; this is what to do in the 2nd half.

shift gear

All too soon, the 1st half of 2015 is coming to a close in about 6 hours. Like a football match, every spectator has his own opinions. To some, it has been bad; others say it’s been good, very good, and exceptionally good. I am one person who has exceeded all my milestones except in one thing. Interestingly, this one thing is an area that the Lord has personally given me great promises. He will do it!

Until you count your blessings and pen them one by one, you may doubt what the Lord has done for you this first half. Whatever our views are, one thing is sure, God has been faithful in preserving our lives which no man can do. No man can guarantee life to another. The President of my country Ghana,  President John Dramani Mahama cannot guarantee life to me for a minute and so does your president, without a doubt.

I wonder what those of us alive today have done better than those who are dead if not for the mercy and love of God which has found us. In Ghana, we painfully lost over 150 souls in the 2nd June 2015 flood and fire disaster at the oil filling station. Could it have been me or any of us who are alive in Ghana today?

One good news is that,  I have not heard news of any man anywhere in the world having to eat stones because God had failed to provide for him or her.

In my meditation this morning, the Lord told me many things but I will share two with you. He told me;

1.“ say you to the righteous, that it is well with him

2. “ Engage a higher gear of prayer and faith

Once you still look up to Him, it does not matter where you are in the world, He says it is well with you.

As an experienced driver, I shift to a stronger gear when I am approaching a hill or mountain or difficult terrain and I realize I cannot continue with the same speed or gear. What does God mean here? The second half of this match (2015) will involve some hills and mountains, and floods for many, He therefore commands us to shift to a higher gear of prayer and faith in Him.

He will do all He promises to do this year. Unless you disappoint yourself, by failing in hope,  God will not disappoint you. Keep hope alive and active.

For me, I am moving into a higher gear of prayer and trust in Him, starting from midnight tonight when I wake up to command the second half of the year 2015 as my custom is every last day of each month.

Have an effectual, fervent, prayer-filled, and faith-filled 2nd half. The harvest is ripe for you.