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where to find God imageGod is not found in PhD’s. That’s why there are many intellectuals, atheists, humanists, agnostics & so called freethinkers with impressive PhD’s who sadly have still not  encountered God. But degree is not the problem, but wrong focus is. God is found by the humble-hearted, those who genuinely yearn and hunger for Him… Albert Etornam Dogbe. (16th May 2016).


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  2. Thanks for your comment. I must say that God has revealed himself well enough to all of humanity regardless of intellectual attainment and has also given us freewill to acknowledge Him or reject him and each has consequences. May He reveal Himself to you.


    • no, you still got it wrong. No god has revealed itself to anyone. Men have claimed to have had interactions with gods. It is only the claims of men we have, and nothing more


      • Its just like someone who decides to deny/reject the very existence of the sun which gives us all light. Of course no police will arrest such a fellow for this thought or utterance.
        Mind you I speak for the one and only Creator of the universe, and nothing else you call gods.
        Honestly I am happy to come into contact with you.If you check my facebook activity, you will find my request asking to be linked up with anyone who says there is no God.I am truly happy we are interacting now.
        I will keep in touch with you, is that okay?


        • I am not on facebook.
          Your analogy of the sun and god is wrong.
          We have no evidence for god as we have for sun.
          We have no evidence the universe required a creator


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