Wise quote for the world

passion_icon JesusThe whole issue of Jesus Christ is to make very real, very practical to man the evidence of God in heaven. Christianity is how deep God has revealed Himself to humanity, Jesus walked the surface of our earth like every living person does, men saw him, touched him, ate with him, heard him teach and wrought miracles. Men saw him arrested, tortured, crucified, killed and buried. Men and women saw his empty tomb, 512 people saw him after his resurrection,  he was God in the flesh, the express image of God, when you see Jesus you see God. Men saw him ascended to heaven where he is seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again to judge everyone; Africans, Americans, Asians, Australians and Europeans . Whether man accept him or reject him doesn’t change his status. No soul can ignore Jesus Christ forever; atheist, agnostics, humanists, so- called freethinkers will, without doubt, meet him either in this life or the next. Better to meet him in this life. Meet him in the next and you miss him for eternity.

..Albert Etornam Dogbe (11th May 2015)