Dream BIG but start small

Never despise small beginnings.  Nothing in this life ever began big.

There is a great joy and satisfaction transiting from an imagination, dream or idea stage through  a small, unattractive beginning and then to a successful, gigantic edifice, establishment, business, organization or idea or service on condition that you didn’t give up in the face of sure odds and oppositions. The actual miracle is the translation of a mental picture or imagination into a tangible, solid achievement. The power to make this happen is given to us. Deut chapter 8 vs 18. And we are given dominion and rulership over all things. Indeed, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me on daily basis. That’s how the Jesus came, small beginning, unattractive, (Isaiah 53 vs. 2-3) despised by many, insulted, rejected, whipped, wounded, crucified, killed and buried but He became the resurrection and the life, the founder, builder, general overseer and owner and Lord of the church .Therefore my greatness and great future is released and guaranteed already, it is embedded in me, it does not lie ahead of me. Dream BIG, step out and pursue it, but remember to start small.

Look at these critical steps as you embark on any new project; it may be new a ministry, a new blog, academic project, marriage, new business idea, new technology, new agricultural project etc;

  • Dream the dream/vision/idea. Whatever it takes make sure you catch a vision.
  • Seek more knowledge, skill about the idea
  • Count the costs. Who will decide to put up a building without counting the cost and be sure he/she has the resources? Count the real cost, the demand on your time, cost to the family etc before you begin. It’s terrible to start and abandon it half way
  • Convince yourself whether this idea is workable or not.
  • Pray for divine guidance and strength. Jesus says “without me ye can do nothing”
  • Develop a passion for it. You will not have the energy to jump the inevitable hurdles unless you find that something that you are truly obsessed with.
  • Think through and establish the cultures and structures that will aid the delivery

Pursue it.

Don’t give up; the crown of success awaits you. Focus on the end results so the obstacles become small to you.

Have a happy execution. The Lord is on your side.