Hello world! Check my vision and motivation!

Hello, a happy welcome to my blog.

The global question that stares everyman in the face, in fact presses upon everyman in every tribe is:

Why should I believe there is a God? What’s the evidence?

Why should I believe the universe did not come into existence by A BIG BANG, and rather by a programmed design by someone?

Well, in this space, I will present the evidence that there is God and I will encourage you to believe him for the salvation of your soul. If you are a believer already, I will encourage you to take your understanding, faith, and commitment to God to a brand new level. God has no pleasure in lukewarm Christians, He wants you hot and full of zeal for Him.

My vision for this blog is to become the preferred one-stop shop for the world in getting understanding and faith in the Gospel of Christ Jesus. This will be achieved by giving you the undiluted word of God just as I receive it from the Holy Spirit Who teaches us the word of God and also cause us to remember it and live it.

My target audience is everyone in the world, across the globe and from every tribe; from America to Zimbabwe (A to Z), atheists, agnostics, humanists, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans etc. It is the plan of God that every sincere seeker of Him will find Him.

I hope you find the material and information here useful. If so, I encourage you to click the “Like” button below each post or page so you don’t miss out on my subsequent posts. You can also send me any questions and comments by clicking the “Leave Comment” button.

I am expecting to hear from you.

Thank you.


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